General Information on Internet Safety: – An excellent site for both parents and kids/teens.
– Learn about Internet safety, viruses, spam, online security, and more.
– A good site for younger children and their parents. – For teens; sponsored by the Center for Missing & Exploited Children.
– Learn chat “lingo” such as POS (parent over shoulder).

Dateline NBC Videos about

 Content Filtering/Parental Control Software Reviews:

Cyber Bullying: - CBC News Article,10987,1088698,00.html – Time magazine article. – Videos about real-life cyber bullying.

 Cyber Ethics

As our kids go online in increasing numbers, cyber ethics is a critical lesson, especially since poor e-habits can start at an early age.  The following resources discuss illegal downloading, online piracy, cyber crimes, etc.

Using Technology Wisely

Are our kids too wired?  They're e-mailing, IMing and downloading while writing their history essay. What is all that digital juggling doing to kids' brains and their family life?  Read this Time magazine article to find out…,10987,1174696,00.html

Kid-Friendly Web Sites – search engine – search engine – search engine 

For a searchable list of additional safe sites, go to: