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Our Lady of The Valley

Liturgy Committee Meeting

September 11, 2013

              Our Lady of the Valley Liturgy Committee met on Wednesday, September 11, 2013 in St. Ann School Meeting Room with the following members present:  Fr. Paulinus, Noreen Mahoney, Dave Watt, Patty Peisher, Anne Gemmell, Barb Banko, Margie Terry, Fr. Peter, and John Bartell

  1. Prayer –Acting Chairman John Bartell led us in an Opening Prayer


  1. Roll Call – See above.


  1. Approval of June, 2l013 minutes. By Anne Gemmell 2nd by Dave Watt


  1. Proposal of new meeting dates:  John and Bill Loree discussed over the summer to meet 4 times a year in Sept., Nov. Feb. and May to plan advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter.  Motion to accept new meeting dates by Dave Watt 2nd by Anne Gemmell.  Motion carried and Fr. Peter approved. 


  1. Bereavement Committee update:  Margie Terry Everything going well with this ministry.  They will meet twice a year to discuss any concerns or problems.  September and June.  Members have a deep feeling of gratitude and fulfillment helping families in their time of need.  Bereavement members feel it is the most important ministry that they do.


  1. Confirmation will be held October 23, 2013.  Not sure whether in St. Ann’s or St. Mary’s church.


  1. Memorial Mass in November John will check with Bill Bishop and the church book for the exact date.  (November 3, 2013)


  1. Goals for 2013-2014:  Continue looking into reinstating the GIFT program, Fr. Peter would like to start an adult Faith Formation program. 

Continue looking into a healing mass for our parish.  Continue ways to recruit new volunteers (ongoing struggle) Beth Ann working on updating Welcome book for our Parish.  Anne Gemmell still waiting on Deacon Bob input for Home bound committee. 

Lectors, Readers and Eucharistic minister still have a need for volunteers in this area. 

Bill Loree suggestion of a Mass for service people still on the table could be Sept. 29.  Dave Watt to check with fire chief and police chief to see how what their thoughts are. 


  1. Mission in December:  Fr. Paulinus discussed an upcoming Mission December 8-12, 2013 with Fr. Andy Cravalho. The mission will run for five nights beginning on Sunday night December 8 and ending on Thursday night December 12. Fr. Paulinus needs a committee formed to help him handle the advertising for this Mission.  Anne Gemmell volunteered to help Fr. Paulinus. 


  1. Next Meeting – November 13, 2013

The meeting closed at 8:20 PM with a prayer led by Fr. Paulinus


Respectfully submitted,



Margie Terry for John Bartell