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Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes

April 24, 2013


Dave Crosby called the Pastoral Council Meeting to order at 6:58 p.m.


Present:  Fr. Peter, Fr. Paulinus, Dave Crosby, John Peisher, Mary Marcus, Barb Jones, Dave Parmley and Donna Haraty (Business Manager)


Absent:  Laura Picco


Fr. Peter led the council with the opening prayer.


Public Forum:


No issues.


Previous Meeting’s Minutes:


Fr. Peter found a typo in the minutes.  Mary Marcus to change Catholic Ministries to Catholic Charities and forward the amended notes to all council members.


Amended minutes were approved from the last meeting (February 27, 2013).  Moved by Dave Parmley and second motion by John Peisher.  All were in favor, therefore the motion carried.




  • Bereavement:
    • Fr. Peter reported that there are no changes.
  • Finance:
    • Laura Picco (Liaison to the Finance Committee) was absent; therefore Donna Haraty and Fr. Peter gave the finance report.
      • Financial Reports:
        • Donna Haraty presented the council with the most recent financial reports.  She noted that these financial reports were shared with parishioners at the Town Hall meetings.  A brief discussion on the reports commenced.
      • School Issues:
        • Donna Haraty informed the council that upon closing the accounts for the school there is a deficit of approximately $21,000. 
        • Fr. Peter mentioned that a parent of a past student is currently suing the parish.  The student (3 year old child) broke his/her leg while playing on the playground.  Fr. Peter is unsure of the coverage of the parish’s liability insurance or how much the parish will have to pay in damages.
      • Fr. Peter reported that the money from the bequest would be invested with COMMUNIS.
      • The money from the Schuster Estate will be transferred now that the school is closed to St. Bonaventure University.
  • Social Ministries:
    • Donna Haraty gave the Social Ministries report on behalf of Audrey.
      • Social Ministry continues to help those in need with rent money and distributes gas vouchers to the sick who travel for treatments / doctors appointments.
      • Social Ministry has been contacted for help with car insurance premiums.
      • Audrey is asking parishioners for suggestions and recommendations to help the parish find a way to meet needs we currently are not meeting. 
  • Stewardship Committee:
    • Fr. Peter reported on behalf of Bill Piatt.
      • The last Stewardship Committee meeting was April 3rd.
      • The Stewardship Committee posted a few questions:
        • There are a lot of parishioners that attend masses on Ash Wednesday, however there is no collection.  The committee asked if a collection should commence on Ash Wednesday?
          • Fr. Peter asked the Parish Council for their recommendation on this issue.  After a brief discussion, it was unanimous that a collection should be taken up on Ash Wednesday starting next year.
        • Where is the best location for coffee hours?  The Stewardship Committee talked about making the basement of the school handicap accessible to ensure that the handicapped and elderly canparticipate in coffee hours if moved to the basement of the school.  The committee also discussed having an elevator installed in the school. 
          • Fr. Peter mentioned that coffee hours will commence in the back foyer of the church (Erie Avenue entrance) or outside weather permitting.
        • Should the afternoon mass at 5:15 be moved to 4:30?
          • Fr. Peter announced that afternoon masses would continue to start at 5:15.
      • “Embracing a Generous Life:  The joyful spirituality of stewardship” by Robert F. Morneau will be making its way onto the pews for parishioners.  Fr. Peter mentioned that this publication is a great source of ongoing education for parishioners.

Old Business:


  • Parish Council liaison to the Liturgy Committee:
    • The Liturgy Committee meets the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.
    • Fr. Peter asked for volunteers from Parish Council to serve as the liaison.  He hopes to find a new liaison by the September meetings.
  • Parish Council Resignations:
    • Hector Hoyos has resigned from Parish Council.
    • Michelle Sexsmith has resigned from Parish Council.
  • New Parish Council Members:
    • Parish Council needs a minimum of seven members and a maximum of fifteen members.  With the current resignations the council currently has only six members.  Therefore, the council needs to actively search for additional council members.
      • John Peisher will announce at St. Mary’s.
      • Donna Haraty will announce to parishioners in the business office.
      • Dave Crosby will announce at the Hibernian’s next meeting.
      • Suzanne Piatt will inquire with the parents that send their children to Sunday school.
      • Fr. Peter mentioned that there have been announcements made from the pulpit and printed in the parish bulletin requesting volunteers to serve on the council.  Currently, no one has responded.
  • Town Hall Meetings:
    • The Town Hall meeting in Hornell was believed to be a success.
    • The Town Hall meeting in Rexville is scheduled on Sunday, April 28th.
  • Catholic Charities:
    • Catholic Charities has been back to the school building with contractors.  They are hoping for a move in July.
  • Catholic Ministries Appeal (CMA):
    • CMA is coming to a close the end of May.
    • Currently, the parish is $18,000 short of its target.
  • Parish Mission:
    • The Parish Mission is scheduled form May 11th – May 15th with morning sessions at 9:00 a.m. and evening sessions at 7:00 p.m.
  • Conflicting Schedules:
    • Fr. Peter addressed parishioners from the pulpit about having schedules that conflict with attending mass.
    • Parishioners have sent signed petitions to the school district asking that they schedule events after mass on Sunday afternoons. (For example, sporting events.)
  • Year of Faith:
    • Fr. Peter mentioned that the “Year of Faith” does not need to end November 24th.  Fr. Peter would like to see how much we cover before November and keep growing from there.
  • Continuing Education:
    • Fr. Peter has ordered “A Well-Built Faith:  A Catholic’s Guide to Knowing and Sharing What We Believe” by Joe Paprocki.  This book will be sold half price ($5.00) to parishioners interested in purchasing a copy. 
    • Copies of  “Catholic Digest” will be available for parishioners to pick up at mass.
  • Deaconate Jubilee in Honor of Deacon Bob McCormick and Mr. Mark Clark:
    • Fr. Paulinus reported that a committee was formed and has met several times to plan the reception.
    • The reception will be Sunday July 7th after the 10:30 mass at Main Place (Formerly The K of C).
    • The committee has been working with John Carbone and has finalized the menu.  The ticket cost per person will be $12.50.
    • The committee has purchased gifts for both Deacon Bob McCormick and Mark Clark:
      • The committee plans to take up a collection to help fund the gifts.
    • Fr. Peter will advertise this event in the bulletin.
    • Fr. Paulinus mentioned that the committee would send invitations to the families of Deacon Bob McCormick and Mark Clark.


New Matters:

  • Convent Closing:
    • Fr. Peter announced that “The Sisters of Mercy” plans to close in July 2013.  Sr. Susan will be the only one left and has decided to find smaller living quarters that are more suitable for one person.  As a result the convent will be vacant.
  • Revision of Welcome Packet:
    • Fr. Peter informed the council that he has appointed Beth Jacobs to revise the welcome packet for new parishioners.  Fr. Peter asked the council to contact Beth with any ideas as she is coordinating the revision.


Date of the Next Parish Council Meeting is May 22, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.


Meeting Closed at 7:46 p.m.


Fr. Peter led the closing prayer.


Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Marcus